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Skyview Double Feature

CalArts, E407 THEATER: Skyview Double Feature

Written by Isabel Salazar

Directed by Dan Bonnell

Video Design by Hind Bin Demaithan


Skyview Double Feature by Isabel Salazar reflects on the fragmentation between human reality and spirituality. Composed of two separate parts,Conception and Revelation, Skyview Double Feature can be viewed in two ways: either separately or in tandem. Dan Bonnell directs both pieces, presented by the CalArts School of Theater. Each segment focuses on a part of Mejia's journey. Searching for a sense of truth in her life, Mejia grapples with her own identity and the demands of the world surrounding her. When obstacles veer her off course, she is forced to face destiny in its' purest forms. Is fate what we make of it or is it out of our control? Through mystical encounters and transcendent experiences we join Mejia on her path of discovery.



Scenic Design                  Vincent Richards 

Costume Design              Angi Bell Ursetta

Lighting Design               John Delfino 

Sound Design                  Jonathan Becker 

Scenic Artist                    Caity Watson 

Props Master                  Christian Cummings

Stage Manger                 Tzipora Reman 

Technical Director          William Honigstein 

Production Manger        Ewa Czerniawska

Producer                         Elena Muslar 

© 2017 by HIND BIN DEMAITHAN. All rights reserved.

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