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“Have you ever been lost for words?


I have.


I’m lost for words frequently, even more; I’m lost for words between two languages at the same time. Unable to find a way to express myself completely using any, and can’t escape both. I find myself switching from one language to another, and more often from one culture to another. Constantly searching for the appropriate vocabulary to best describe my thoughts or to fully integrate into a discussion. It’s very frustrating and intensifies this feeling of not belonging.


They are both part of who I am.


But, who am I?” - Says Hind.


Hind Bin Demaithan is putting forth a collaborative exhibition with the objective of shedding the light on her struggle being a bilingual individual. What is the definition of mother tongue? What if you don’t have one? Is it the language your parents speak? Or, is it the language you’re taught at school; the language you practice growing up? Some of many questions she asks taking on the role of a narrator, while sharing her story with her collaborators. \


This exhibition will hold visual translations created by herself and her partners in the forms of photography, art objects, sketches and a live performance.


Her aim is that by putting on this exhibit people learn about how she came to discover the importance of the Arabic language. Hence, “HINDSIGHT” the title of the show, where she will be sharing the process of her discoveries through visual translations.Also, underlining the universal language of art making, where her collaborators chose to convey her story through mediums of their choice such as sketches and photography.


Hind’s intention behind this show is for it to serve as a wakeup call to all bilinguals, hoping that they give both languages the balanced amount of attention. Moreover, she hopes that people, especially in the Middle East gets the warning that the Arabic language is fading away. We need to preserve it and WE WILL!


Stay tuned for more details about the project and where it's happening.



© 2017 by HIND BIN DEMAITHAN. All rights reserved.

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