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Dinyatna Affiche 2010

I“Dinyatna Affiche” (our world is a poster) is a project that portrays my love for cinema, theater and the arts. A dream coming true; a marriage of both my Emirati and Egyptian culture through posters! Social commentaries, appropriation, humor, personal, public, fantasy and reality are all words that summarize my project.This project was inspired by my exposure to Egyptian movies growing up and most recently influenced by the work of Youssef Nabil – who uses hand colored gelatin silver prints in his work. I also wanted to create a close link to my previous work that reflects “social commentaries.” Together these elements are tied with a subtle sense of humor, at least that is what I’m attemptyng to portray through a series of eight appropriated and altered Egyptian movie posters. “Dinyatna Affiche” is based on the imaginary stories of the movie being advertised and changed reflecting today’s reality - the stories around me. The posters are an outlet to share my private love of this movie era and publicly displaying them once again yet this time through scripts I have re-created.

Aah…mn bu’snaidih (oh…Rashid)


Laylat al-joum’a (Friday night)


Laytny ma’araft ilhob (I wish I never knew love)



Ana alma’thy (I am the past)



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